Welcome to TheDollWarehouse.com, the world’s leading supplier of full sized silicone sex dolls! Our mission here at the Doll Warehouse is to create sex dolls that are as real and enjoyable as possible. We can’t wait till you try our dolls and enjoy what everyone seems to be so excited about. As always, our website is encrypted and secured and confidentiality and priority are the absolute top priority. Check out our selection and purchase the sex doll of your dreams, today!

Featured Sex Dolls

What is a Sex Doll Exactly?

A sex doll or “fuck doll” is just like it sounds, but you may have a few questions about the details. All of our sex dolls are the same height as an average women (about 5’4″) and made to the same proportions. There are three ways to enjoy a fuck doll- mouth, vagina, and anus. Having sex with a sex doll is pretty similar to a real girl, simply lay her on your bed and have sex with her!

Why Buy a Sex Doll?

This is one of our more popular questions and our answers will amaze you. Sex dolls are one of the greatest enhancements to sex life in recent memory because they have so many advantages that you can’t get with the “real” thing, such as:

· No STD’s or Condoms needed.
· No expensive dinners or dates needed.
· No break ups or divorces.
· No neediness or moodiness
· Your doll is always ready
· Enjoy your doll on your schedule
· Can be put in any sexual position with no complaints.

How to Use a Sex Doll

Using TheDollWarehouse.com sex doll is real simple and may be one of the most exciting things you will ever do in your life. Our dolls are very flexible and can be bended and moved into almost any position. Our dolls have a very life like vagina, anus, mouth and you can try any sex moves you can imagine. You can dress her in any thing that you want and clean her as often as you want. She is strictly for your pleasure.

How to Care for a Sex Doll

Cleaning and maintaining your doll is real simple and easy. When you are finished enjoying her, simply clean her off with a light towel mixed with warm water and mild soap, and that is it! Let her dry before you store her in your favorite location and kiss her good night. We like to keep things simple here at TheDollWarehouse.com.